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10 Mysterious Advanced Technology That Has Existed Since Ancient Times. Any UFOs?

Mysterious Advanced Technology That Has Existed Since Ancient Times - Has anyone heard of the myth that the ancient susku-tribe aka our ancestors of the baheula era had superpowers and myths? Or have you ever known that there are many unexpected technologies that have been created since centuries ago before there was a read-write?

If not, this time Jaka wants to talk about mysterious advanced technology that has been created since the time before AD. In fact, many advanced technologies are not revealed how they can be created.

10 Mysterious Advanced Technologies Created Before AD

1. Battery

Who doesn't use batteries as part of everyday life? The battery was officially invented by Alessandro Volta in 1799. But did you know that in 1936 in the Tel Khujut area wednesday, the southern part of Baghdad, Iraq was found a battery that is thought to be more than 2000 years old! This battery is often called Baghdad Battery or Parthian Battery.

2. Nano Technology

The Lycurgus cup is proof that our ancestors were able to apply nano technology in everyday life. The Lycurgus cup can change color by itself when exposed to light, ranging from red to green gradations. The Lycurgus cup uses dichroic glass as a manufacturing material mixed with advanced nanotechnology techniques. This, however, has not been revealed by researchers as to why they could have used this technology.

3. Metallurgical Technology

Metallurgical engineering is a engineering science that can determine and engineer, process the manufacture and control properties of metal and non-metallic materials. Metallurgical techniques and technologies seem sophisticated and complicated. But the Antediluvians in India managed to make a cast iron as high as 7 meters, weighing about 6 tons made of 98% wrought iron of impure quality.

4. Viking Secret Map

The Vikings turned out to have a mysterious "sunstone", a magic stone that could show the sailor's path when the sun disappeared. Researchers say the rock is real and it is a special crystal. One of the reasons why the existence of sunstones has long been debated is because this stone is part of the legend of Saint Olaf, a story with many magical elements.

5. Fake Gold and Silver

Did you know that fake gold or silver has been scattered since about 8,000 years ago in Turkey? Many ancient artifacts show that in order to trick others or intentionally make objects look like real gold or silver, ancient tribes used mercury materials to make items made like real gold/silver.

6. Ancient Computers

In 1900, a bronze encrusted object baffled researchers. It was found on the small island of Antikythera, 25 miles northwest of Crete. One of the scientists said that this object is an elaborate instrument with gears attached to each other, so it takes the form of a kind of 'coding language' or a certain arrangement of codes that leads to one particular thing. Just like the computer we're using.

7. Ancient Chinese Robots

In ancient Chinese civilization, there were a number of advanced robots that could sing, dance, act like servants and perform many other surprising tasks. The robot even has human-like organs consisting of bones, muscles, joints, skin and hair. This robot existed before the Tang Dynasty (618 907 BC).

8. Prototype Aircraf

Two separate claims seem to suggest an equally surprising conclusion: the ancient societies of Egypt and South America both had aviation technology thousands of years before modern humans developed it. In South America, the idea is based on jewelry produced by the Chim culture that existed in what is now Colombia about 2,000 years ago.

The Egyptian plane was a similar case. The wooden eagle, found in Saqqara, was later reported by Egyptian doctor Khalil Messiha as being an outstanding flight prototype. However, there are other opinions that say that this object is a relic of aliens or UFOs that entered the earth.

9. Stonehenge 

Stonehenge is a Megalitihic Building that is more than 5000 years old. There's a lot of mystery and debate as to why this mysterious building in England could be there. One theory says that Stonehenge is a sophisticated Astronomical observatory for predicting the coming of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The question is, how can an ancient tribe in England transport such heavy and large stones up a hill without sophisticated tools?

10. Automatic Door 

The way these automatic doors work is not as sophisticated as the doors in the mall that we often visit. The way these automated doors worked in ancient Greece was to generate heat from the fire causing atmospheric pressure to accumulate in brass vessels. It will then automatically pump water into a large container. The storage container then serves as a load to open the door. exactly hydraulic system technology!

End of Word

That's the discussion of 10 advanced technologies that have existed since ancient times, before modern civilization existed. Please share and comment this article to keep getting information, tips &tricks and news about technology from

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