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How to Effectively Take Advantage of Google Plus's +Post Ads Feature

How to Effectively Take Advantage of Google Plus's +Post Ads Feature

How to Effectively Take Advantage of Google Plus's +Post Ads Feature
- Advertising can now not only be done through print or electronic media. The development of the world of internet and social media apparently also brings many modern changes to advertising techniques. We can do the advertising process easily through the internet. Advertising on the internet also brings results that are no less good than placing ads on other media.

One of the online advertising media that we need to know is +Post Ads Google Plus. Media connected to social media services #Google Plus can be an effective alternative promotional tool if we can make good use of it. Then how do I advertise effectively through +Post Ads? Here Maxmanroe summarizes for colleagues.

Make Your Ads +Post Ads As Interesting as Possible

No internet user likes excessive advertising content and disruptive activity on the internet. We can add interesting infographics, images or videos. Limit the appearance of these ads only on the social media pages we use so that they do not interfere with other internet users.

Maximize Google+ Content For +Post Ads

The content available on Google+ can apparently make ads in +Post Ads look cooler and more attractive. To increase the number of shares through our Google+ account, then we can use various features such as video and +Post Formatting (e.g. underlines, italics and other font varieties).
Perform the steps to Create a +Post Ads

When we plan to create +Post Ads, then all we have to do is follow the steps to create +Post Ads systematically.

First, we have to create a New Adwords Campaign and fill out an online form about personal data. Second, we are also required to create an Ad Group. At the stage of creating an Ad Group, Google will help us determine a target audience that fits our goals. The third is to create an Ad (ad). We just need to choose the ad template we want and then choose which URL page will be the location of our ad. Before you start posting +Post Ads, don't forget to review the look of the ads we've created, yes.

1. Pay attention to +Post Ads Ad Formats

Ad formats in +Post Ads have limited font count and image size. So we have to be more careful in choosing the words and image sizes that will be shown on the ad. Use the best quality images to attract internet users.

2. Create Up to Date Ad Content

Creating ad content doesn't necessarily have to be related to the products we advertise. For example, "brand A" uses its +Post Ads to create ads about trending recipes complete with a very interesting image visualization. So Google+ users who see it will remember "brand A" as one of the brands that are able to adjust to the trends that are being embraced by the community.

Combine Facebook Ads and +Post Ads

Advertising on Facebook and Google Plus has the advantage of each according to the target audience we want. When the use of +Post Ads is able to reach multiple audiences, perhaps the use of Facebook Ads is much more specific and limited to Facebook users only. Of course we can take advantage of this to start popularizing our ads through these two powerful advertising media.

Pay Attention to The Convenience of Other Internet Users

It's legitimate to use Google+ to make +Post Ads more popular and visible to many people. However, we must also not forget that other Google+ users also have the right to freedom and convenience in using Google+.

So, we certainly have to start building intimate and communicative interactions with other Google+ users. Don't let other Google+ users get annoyed with the ad posts we create. Prioritize convenience so that convenient Google+ users can help popularize our advertising content to other Google+ users.

Before we start creating Google Plus +Post Ads, it's a good idea to observe the crucial things that the majority of internet users want and like. This step will certainly result in a modern marketing process that is better at attracting the attention of many people. Let's use +Post Ads creatively, effectively and innovatively!

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