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39 Examples of Good Email Addresses for Personal and Work Purposes

39 Examples of Good Email Addresses for Personal and Work Purposes

39 Examples of Good Email Addresses for Personal and Work Purposes -
You're reading this article because you're looking for an example of an email address that's good for personal or work purposes. Basically creating an email is easy, but sometimes people get confused about creating their own email name.

Well, in this article will be explained some examples of writing a suggested email address, be it for personal use or for work.

For starters, it's a good idea to first understand what an email is and what you're creating for.

In short, the definition of email (electronic mail) is a means to send and receive digital messages through computer networks and the internet.

Basically the email is used for the purposes of doing activities on the internet. Some activities on the internet that require us to have an email, for example;
  • Communicate with others via email.
  • Create an account on a social media site.
  • Shop online at marketplace or e-commerce sites.
  • Register on the online forum site.
  • And so forth.

If you want to find examples of good email addresses for personal and work purposes, then you should follow this article to the end.

Example of An Email Address for Personal

Nowadays the use of email for personal use is very plural. Moreover, those who are technologically literate and always in touch with computers and the internet.

In other words, an email can act as one's personal identity on the internet.

Usually personal email is used to send and receive messages, send and receive documents (pdf, doc, excel), and other email communication activities.

In addition, personal email is also required to create social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, and so on.

Here are some examples of personal email addresses:

1. Use Gmail

2. Using Yahoo Mail

3. Using Other Free Email Services

Sample Email Address for Work

Nowadays, to do work or business activities often use email. The use of this email is usually to send digital files or documents to others related to one's work or profession.

Although today many companies use the domain of the company's own website to create employee emails, it is not uncommon for workers or business people to still use free email services.

Here are some examples of email addresses for work or business:

1. Example of Email Address Using Company Domain

2. Sample Email Address Using Free Email Service

Tips for Creating An Email Address

Making an email does seem very easy to do, but in terms of email name selection of course we should not be careless.

Why is that?

Because an email address can be a self-representation of a person and may affect someone else's judgment of that person.

Well, here are some easy tips to create a good email address for your various needs:

1. Use Popular Free Emails

Make sure to always use a free email service that is already popular, proven to be safe and comfortable to use. Some of the free email services I recommend include;

2. Use a Simple Email Address

Don't create complicated and hard-to-remember email names. Create a simple email address name that matches your name, here are some examples;

3. Use Easy-to-Type Hyphens

I personally recommend using only the period (.) and the hypen sign (-) in the email address name. However, when you want to use underscore hyphens (_) it also doesn't matter.

Here's an example of an email by using a hyphen:

4. Don't Use Difficult Characters

Sometimes there are people who create their email addresses with difficult characters. Usually for personal emails that are likely not to be easily known to others.

However, work or business emails should not use numbers or characters that are difficult to remember because they can be considered less professional.

Instead of using numbers, it's best to add your profession in the email address name. For example;

5. Use a Strong Email Password

Nowadays there are many hacks of email and social media accounts. Therefore, create a strong password for the email you're using, but it's still easy to remember. 

In addition, you can also enable the two-step verification security feature already in Gmail and Yahoo. This is to make sure your email account can't be broken into by anyone else, unless your phone is also stolen with the heckel.


From the explanation above we can understand that basically making an email is very easy. However, we should pay attention to the use of the name in the email that will be created because it will represent the owner of the email.

In addition to the selection of names in emails, the crucial thing that we should also pay attention to is the use of a strong and memorable password for the email account.

Such is the brief explanation of some examples of email addresses for personal and work purposes, as well as tips on creating a good email address name. Hope this article is useful.

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