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10 MCU Easter Eggs You Might Missed in WandaVision Episode 4

10 MCU Easter Eggs You Might Missed in WandaVision Episode 4 - Fourth episode WandaVisionfinally aired. Where the fourth episode is different from the three previous episodes. The fourth episode is very interesting because finally Marvel fans can find out some information about what happened at WandaVision.

Like the previous episodes, this fourth episode also has a number of Easter eggs related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So here is an easter egg from WandaVision that you might have missed.

10 MCU Easter Eggs You Might Missed in WandaVision Episode 4

1. The Blip

10 MCU Easter Eggs You Might Missed in WandaVision Episode 4
The Blip (source:

WandaVisionepisode 4 finally reveals that this series is related to the main MCU events. Where in the film Avengers: Infinity War, half of the living things in the universe disappeared when Thanos managed to snap his fingers while using the power of the Infinity Stones.

This phenomenon of missing people is known as "The Blip". Now the fourth episode of WandaVision opens with Monica Rambeau back in the hospital, who was waiting for her mother. Monica did not think that she had disappeared because of this phenomenon for 5 years.

2. Geraldine's Figure Finally Revealed

Geraldine's figure has been hotly discussed when he appeared in the WandaVision series. The character played by Teyonah Parris is said to be the next Captain Marvel candidate in the MCU.

Even though it's a rumor, but finally Marvel fans can find out that Geraldine is Monica Rambeau who is trying to take a role in WandaVision. His appearance was also suspected by the residents of Westview, who told Vision that Geraldine was a foreigner who did not come from his area.

3. Nickname Maria Rambeau

When Monica returns to the SWORD office, you can see a photo of the late Maria Rambeau and her nickname. The SWORD founder has a nickname called "Photon". The name Photon itself has actually been introduced to the Captain Marvel comic series, played by Monica Rambeau. At that time Monica, who became Captain Marvel, was also known as Photon.

4. The appearance of Mephisto?

Many suspect that the world created by Wanda is also an interference from Mephisto's figure. Even until the third episode, the signs about the appearance of this one character haven't been seen. Until the fourth episode there was an allegation of Mephisto's appearance in disguise.

In the scene when Monica meets Jimmy, there are also two Sheriffs standing by the patrol car behind her. If you look at the two local law enforcers it looks weird, because they say that the city of Westview does not exist and they are both from Eastview.

It is suspected that one of the two sheriffs was Mephisto in disguise. Moreover, both of them also mentioned the city of Eastview, which is still mysterious. Mephisto is also known as Lucifer, which in The Satanic Bible states that the prince of hell comes from "east" or east.

5. The Jimmy Woo Card Trick

Jimmy Woo, who met Monica Rambeau, suddenly took out a card trick to give him his card. If you pay attention, the card trick technique has also been shown in the film Ant-Man and The Wasp. In which Scott Lang issued a card trick he had learned online to Jimmy Woo who was then his supervisor.
Jimmy Woo is not the type of person who is fast learner, so it seems that when the incident of The Blip, Jimmy did not disappear and ended up learning the card tricks shown by Scott Lang. 

6. The return of Darcy Lewis

Apart from Jimmy Woo, if you have watched the Thor: The Dark World movie, you must have seen the figure of Darcy Lewis. At WandaVision, Darcy returns as an astrophysicist who gets the task of finding clues that happened at Westview.

Since his appearance in Thor: The Dark World, Darcy doesn't seem to have changed. After The Dark World, Darcy returned to the apartment with a friend, and finished university studies and obtained a doctorate.

7. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR)

When Darcy entered the room, he managed to detect an unusual radiation wave known as "Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation" or CMBR. These radiation waves are said to usually appear during the Big Bang or big explosion.

It is not clear why these radiation waves can appear in WandaVision. But in the comic version, this powerful radiation wave was also introduced in the Fantastic Four comic series. Where the radiation waves are also the source of the four superheroes' strength.

8. Head Injury Vision

When Wanda threw Geraldine alias Monica Rambeau out of his dimension, Vision then went into the house to find Geraldine. At that time, Wanda stood feeling guilty and as if returning to his past. Wanda suddenly saw the image of Vision's head which had been shattered by Thanos taking the Mind Stone in Avengers: Infinity War.

After the Infinity War incident, it is not known where Vision's body is. Even in Endgame, it is not explained where Vision's dead body is. There is speculation that Wanda brought Vision's body and created his own reality somewhere to be able to bring Vision back to life with magic power.

9. Skrulls involvement?

When Jimmy and Darcy realized the weirdness that happened at Westview after watching the sitcom between Wanda and Vision. They finally found people who mysteriously disappeared. These people turn out to be players in the world of sitcoms created by Wanda, including Geraldine who is Monica who is sucked into that world.

Jimmy finally did an in-depth investigation of the incident. Jimmy is seen writing his investigation on a blackboard and one of his investigations mentions the involvement of the Skrulls.
Previously, he had also heard from someone in SWORD that the involvement of an alien nation that could change into human form and made them the mastermind behind the emergence of CMBR.

10. Agnes identity

When all the missing victims were successfully matched and placed on the blackboard, there was something strange about the victims. One of them is Agnes who has not got his real identity. The FBI or SWORD did not find information on whether Agnes was one of the missing persons or not. Because Agnes also took part in the world of sitcoms made by Wanda.

Rumors are circulating that Agnes is Agatha Harkness who has taken part in the world of sitcoms created by Wanda. Agatha herself is a Marvel character who also has manipulation magic power with various effects.

So, those are some of the MCU easter eggs from the WandaVision series that you might have missed. Look forward to information about other superheroes and don't forget to share this article.

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