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6 Chinese Success Secrets That Make Them Glorious In Business

6 Chinese Success Secrets That Make Them Glorious In Business
6 Chinese Success Secrets That Make Them Glorious In Business

6 Chinese Success Secrets That Make Them Glorious In Business -
Actually, what is the secret of Chinese success? Why are the average Indonesians who come from rich ethnic Chinese or Chinese and their businesses are always successful? Maybe this question has been on your mind all this time.

As we know, the Chinese or Chinese ethnic communities in Indonesia are a minority group but financially they are able to control the national economy. Even the richest person in Indonesia for years has been from the Chinese ethnicity, namely the Hartono family.

Whether we realize it or not, the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia have a very big role in the national economy, especially in the trade sector. Actually, not only in Indonesia, but in almost all countries in the world.

The success of Chinese people in developing business is often used as a reference and motivation by many new entrepreneurs. Not a few also asked what was the secret to the success of the Chinese people so that they could rule the business world as well as now.

It may seem racial - or maybe not, but the fact is that Chinese people have a unique character compared to other races. Then, what is the secret to the success of the Chinese or Chinese so that they are always brilliant in doing business? Come on, let's see!
6 Secrets of Success for Chinese Chinese People

Behind the glorious success of the Chinese people, there are a number of life principles that you can set as examples and role models. So, what are the secrets of doing Chinese business so that it is often successful and successful? Here's the discussion!

6 Chinese Success Secrets That Make Them Glorious In Business

1. Hardworking

Sticking to the “work-for-eat” philosophy, the Chinese can apply this very well. This is evident from the ability of the Chinese people who always work hard at anything.

From the hard work done, they will benefit greatly. No wonder that every business they do is always successful.

In fact, Chinese have always been famous for their proverbs in teaching success and hard work, so they are not reluctant to do heavier work than other people.

Heavy here means, they don't mind sleeping just a few hours and spend more time on business.

2. Does not like to waste money

Chinese people are often called stingy by most people, even though they really don't want to waste money on things that are not important.

They are also very diligent in saving in the bank and making investments, so that their income is not spent on wasting. The money saved and the return on investment is preferably used to raise a business and savings for old age.

The Chinese have a saying "eat porridge before success, and eat rice after success". This adage is similar to the adage "raft upstream, swim to shore".

So, the ethnic Chinese community is generally very frugal in using money. They are not only frugal, they are also wise in managing their finances and do not want to go into debt if they are not forced to.

3. Learn Business Since Small

The Chinese have been taught to do business by their parents since they were young. You must have seen it when shopping at their shops.

Many teenagers and even children have joined their parents in the shop to help. It aims to introduce business to children from an early age.

As the classic Chinese saying goes, “When you are young you are not diligent, you will regret it when you are old. You don't have to wait for adults to start learning to do business.

4. Dare to Face Risk

The most important thing that a businessman must have is to be brave enough to face risks, whether it's the risk of failure or any risk. Chinese people have this principle, they are not afraid to fail and dare to take risks.

But before making a decision, they will consider it carefully based on a precise analysis.

And even though they failed in the end, generally Chinese businessmen would not drag on lamenting about the failure, but trying to get up from the failure.

As the words of wisdom from Confucius "Our greatest success is not because we never fail, but how we get up every time we experience failure."

5. Good at Reading Market Needs

One of the important keys in doing business is being good at reading market needs. Before starting a business, the Chinese will do in-depth research on the business to be run.

They find out about market needs and opportunities for the business to be run. They are also not lazy to go directly to the field to see market needs.

It is proven by their cleverness in choosing a place of business, wherever they open a business place, many customers will come. That means the research they are doing is really successful.

6. Good at Negotiating

The Chinese are also known to be clever and skilled at negotiating or bargaining. As we know, this skill is very important in any trade or business activity.

By negotiating, they will get the best price offer, so they can also provide prices that tend to be cheap when sold to consumers. So, with this bargain, Chinese businessmen would get the best prices without compromising the supplier's profits.

In addition, the negotiation process carried out by Chinese people is usually not only to get the best price but also to build good relations with other businessmen.

Basically, success can be achieved by anyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, and religion. And there is nothing wrong with imitating the work culture of the Chinese ethnic community who are known for their hard work so that your future life will be better. 

Of course we can't even beat everyone of ethnic Chinese having a successful business. In fact, there are also many friends of Chinese ethnicity who are still working for other people, or even their finances are still in disarray.

From the description of the Chinese success secrets above, we now know that to be successful it takes great and constant effort. Maybe the work culture and life principles of the Chinese people seem burdensome, but in fact it actually makes us stronger and more independent people.

In closing, I hope this article about the secrets of Chinese success can inspire you, not only in business activities but also in living your daily life.

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