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5 Advantages of .com and .XYZ Domains Compared to Other Domain Extensions

5 Advantages of .com and .XYZ Domains Compared to Other Domain Extensions
5 Advantages of .com and .XYZ Domains Compared to Other Domain Extensions

5 Advantages of .com and .XYZ Domains Compared to Other Domain Extensions
- From a marketing point of view, domain names play an especially important role in creating a timeless brand or business image. No wonder so many people say that the success of a brand begins with choosing the right domain name.

The problem is, there are tons of options for you out there, such as .com domains and .xyz domains which are trending these days. Which of these should you choose? This is why it's important to know the strengths of certain domain names, such as the advantages of .com and .xyz domains, first before you do your research.

Therefore, you should not be careless in determining your domain. As you may already know, domains are a very powerful marketing tool. However, you must know how to use it to attract customers or potential visitors to your website.

It takes extra careful research and calculations to achieve these goals. One-on-one, the consequences can be fatal: your website loses from the competition and is knocked out of the fierce SEO battle arena between websites and blogs out there.

Before you rack your brains to find the most appropriate domain name for your website, let's briefly review the ins and outs of domains.
What is Domain?

Domainis a unique name that differentiates one website from another. For example, the domain name of Kompas Daily is "", and "" is the domain name of Tempo magazine.

Each website has its own domain name which serves as the 'address' of the website in cyberspace.

There are lots of domain extensions that can be used, but you must be wise in choosing the domain extension that best suits your business and the type of website you are going to create.

Here are some examples of domain extensions:

  • .com: for commercial websites
  • .org: for organizational websites
  • .net: for internet / network
  • .biz: for business purposes
  • .edu: for educational websites
  • .info: for information purposes
  • .name: for personal web
  • .pro: for professional purposes
  • .asia: for special websites at asia
  • .gov: for government websites
  • .jobs: for job information sites
  • .mil: for military websites
  • .mobi: for mobile websites communication
  • .tel: for website Telekomunikasi
  • For commercial purposes
  • for government websites desa
  • for websites of government agencies
  • for websites of schools / universities
  • for websites of organizations
  • : for individual or organizational websites

Actually, you can use any domain extension even though it is not in accordance with the designation mentioned above. For example, buying a .com (commercial) extension for a personal blog.

However, there are some domain extensions that the general public cannot use freely. For example, the domain .gov,,, .mil,, .edu. And the domain that is most common and free to use is the domain with the extension .com.

Benefits of Using a Domain Name for a Website:

1. Increase the Credibility of Small-Medium Businesses

Your company or business will look professional when your website has its own domain name. If you publish your website via a free hosted website, your URL might look something like this:

Even though it is offered free of charge, unfortunately this derived URL is less effective in attracting visitors when compared to, for example,

2. The Right Domain Name Can Target Specific Customers

When you decide to use a domain name that fits your business niche, you may get unexpected traffic from visitors who happen to be browsing the Internet looking for the topic.

For example, a shop with the domain name www.tokopaluonlinedotcom is likely to attract potential buyers who are hunting for hammer-related stuff.

In addition, although search engine results are difficult to predict, www.tokopaluonlinedotcom can appear more frequently in search results when people are looking for information about hammers than general domain names such as www.tokoperkakasdotcom.

3. Increase Brand Awareness of the Visitor

And, most importantly, the right domain name can increase the awareness of website visitors of your brand. If your domain name matches your company name, it will strengthen your online presence, making it easier for customers to remember and revisit your website at a later time.

Of the many extensions that exist, .com and .xyz are two that are quite famous in recent years. There are several reasons why website owners prefer these two extensions over the others.

The advantages of .com domains and .xyz domains below will probably make you aware of how special these two extensions are.

3 Pros of a .com Domain

1. Popular among Internet users

In fact, the majority of websites use the .com domain to leave their mark on the immeasurable cyber world.

Back in 1985, .com was originally predicted to dominate the domain extension market specifically for conventional (offline-based) companies that wanted to expand on the Internet. With the advent of the “dotcom” domain, it has evolved into an extension that has skyrocketed its popularity most of the alternatives.

And today, more than three decades later, .com has emerged as the favorite choice for most of the world's top brands. In fact, investors and large companies do not hesitate to dig deeper into their pockets to get a premium .com domain.

However, there are also .com domain providers such as DomaiNesia that provide domain rental prices that are affordable to our pockets and you can see the list by way of check domain cheap .com before you settle into deciding to use this one extension.

2. Boost website credibility

As of today, the Internet has embraced more than a thousand alternative domain extensions. Unfortunately, many people are still not familiar with the appearance of these new extensions.

Of course, this is also influenced by the large number of large businesses that tend to still rely on .com to promote their brand, thus creating a disproportionate comparison between the presence of .com and other domains.

However, it cannot be denied that the .com domain shows the credibility of a website, especially if it is analyzed using consumer perceptions. In fact, most of the people already think of the .com domain as a determinant of whether or not a website can be trusted for whatever content is contained in it.

3. Preferably search engines (especially Google)

Although this one assumption is not always correct, however, Google has been caught placing relatively neutral domain names such as .com in better order in search results than domain names that are identical to a specific country code, which are often assumed to contain content that can only be accessed. by residents of that area only.

The only reason Google prioritizes certain domains over others is because Internet users use the .com domain by default. This means that when asked about domains, the majority of people point to .com as their ideal domain. As a consequence, Google has made user assumptions a reality.

In fact, more than 50% of all websites on the Internet use a .com domain. So, it's not an exaggeration to say that this one domain has a significant impact, especially to boost website SEO. This is because visitors tend to click on a website name with the dotcom suffix rather than a website name with a non-dotcom ending.

On top of that, .com is also easier to remember, and it is more likely that visitors will land on a completely different website when an extension other than .com is used.

2 Pros of .XYZ Domains

1. Unique Domain

Domainlike .co and .org may be more popular than .xyz domains, but those that are famous are likely to come across as marketplace. If being different and unique is your goal, why not just choose this one?

Just imagine how many people will talk about your website if you use a .xyz domain. Not only that, think about the cool email addresses you can get with that exclusive domain!

Visitorwill have no trouble finding your website among the many other websites with a public domain.

2. Not fixated on one type of industry

Many of the newer gTLDs (generic top-level domains) have regional coverage levels or their use is restricted to certain sectors, for example, the .cologne or .car domains (which are synonymous with the fragrance and automotive business). However, it is different with the .xyz domain.

This international level domain extension that exists between generations is perfect for companies, blog owners, and online shops of all kinds of niches or any field.

And, compared to other new gTLDs, looks compact and attractive. This aspect makes it feasible to be side by side with conventional generic domains.

Domain names are important assets for your website and business. Therefore, it is important to make the right decisions.

Questions like "choose .com or .xyz" are just one of the many other issues that need to be considered when you are building a website.

Apart from choosing extensions, there are also other things you should know about domain names. Your domain name should meet the following criteria.

  • Memorable
  • Short
  • SEO-friendly
  • Easy to type
  • Represent your image or brand

So, regardless of what your choice will be, don't forget to always base your decisions on the five criteria above.

Also, reconsider the advantages of .com and .xyz domains before you really make your final decision.

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