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5 New Social Media Businesses Worth To Look At

5 New Social Media Businesses Worth To Look At
5 New Social Media Businesses Worth To Look At

5 New Social Media Businesses Worth To Look At -
It is no longer strange if modern businessmen often look to the use of #media social as a business strategy. What social media do we usually use when we want to promote business? It must be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other popular type of social media. Even though it's not only popular social media, you know, whose existence continues to grow.

Several new social media offers more promising opportunities for business development. Just look at how powerful some new social media are like Instagram, Path or Vine. New social media which is still in the development stage usually makes us less competitive, because not many business competitors are using it.

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5 New Social Media Businesses Worth To Look At

So what social media are currently suitable for developing a business? Let's look at reviews of the following 5 new social media first:

1. Sulia (

Sulia is a social media site that highly values ​​individual interests. If we use Sulia, then we can choose for ourselves what topics we want. Various topics such as politics, art, entertainment, technology or health themes are usually popular topics in Sulia.

If we become a curator who posts content in the form of interesting pictures, links or news, other people can find out about it, read it and even share it on other social media, for example Facebook. Sulia has a format like a knowledge site that makes us more familiar and free to access our favorite things.

2. Sharebloc (

This social media is perfect for modern and professional business people. The fast-paced development of the business world makes business people have to update their knowledge regularly. Initially, Sharebloc was a content delivery site called VendorStack. However, after making some improvements and starting to specialize as the social media for businessmen, the site was later renamed Sharebloc.

Sharebloc is often compared to LinkedIn in terms of helping businesses grow. However, in Sharebloc, users are invited to share content and business knowledge obtained from the internet. As a result, Sharebloc has succeeded in building a business community that is full of knowledge and its users are helping one another.

3.Pheed (

It seems like Instagram which focuses on the mobility of visual content, Pheed also adopts a similar theme. Pheed users are free to share visual content in the form of text, images, videos or live report footage. With subscription fees ranging from US $ 1.99 to US $ 34.99 per month, Pheed has grown into one of the social media that relies on its loyal users. Pheed also has a "pay per view" service that allows companies and institutions to sell their recorded seminars or tutorials and earn revenue from it.

4. Bubblews (

The existence of Bubblews seems to be threatening Facebook's dominance in the social media field. Because Bubblews promises to share ad revenue for its users who post content. According to the founder of Bubblews, Arvind Dixit, many people spend several hours a week sharing quality content through social media.

And this deserves a reward, for example through profit sharing. By mid-2014, there were more than 200,000 registered users of Bubblews. And Bubblews believes that such a business concept will be very attractive to social media users in the future.

5. ( claims to be a social media site that is a source of knowledge. users can share "board" content similar to the concept promoted by Pinterest. Through, we can create a "board" that fits our field and then start attracting other users to pay attention to the content.

Apart from getting free information and content from casual users and business people, we can also find several accounts of famous people, such as world-class footballers and filmmakers.

Now the development of social media is increasingly bringing our lives into a practical and simple mobile style. If we want to keep developing with the times, then we must use social media wisely in accordance with the portion of our respective needs.

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