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5 Causes of Frequent Health Problems for Online Businesses

5 Causes of Frequent Health Problems for Online Businesses
5 Causes of Frequent Health Problems for Online Businesses

5 Causes of Frequent Health Problems for Online Businesses -
Whether we realize it or not, there are many habits that cause health problems for online businesses. These wrong habits are still often done even though we already know that they are bad for health.

Indeed, running an online business is increasingly becoming a prima donna. Many entrepreneurs are competing to run online businesses because they offer various conveniences and advantages in running them.

Even today, there are many types of online businesses that can be pursued, such as; being a freelancer, selling online, trading, being a YouTuber, blogging, and so on. However, we are often not aware that we are doing habits that can cause health problems. 

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Causes of Health Problems For Online Businesses

In general, the activities of running an online business are done from home. Every day, there are even people who work it 15-20 hours per day in one week.

Now, if you are a person with a very dense routine, it's good for you to pay attention to things that often have the potential to become health problems for online business people that we often don't realize.

1. Sleeping Too Late

This is what we most often encounter among online business people, sleeping too late at night and some even work from morning to morning again. Often they have the excuse that working nights makes them more productive, or maybe they are hitting a target.

The lonely situation at night makes the mind more focused and easier to concentrate. But staying up late is actually very dangerous for the health of the body if done continuously.

Staying up late every night will definitely make immunity and health conditions decrease. When our health condition decreases, the effect is that we will become susceptible to disease.

So dangerous is the habit of staying up late that we are reminded by a song called Staying Up Late!

Staying up late don't stay up late, if it's nothing
Staying up late is fine, if there is a need

If you stay up too much late, your face is pale because of the reduced blood
If you often get hit by the night wind, all diseases will easily come

Come from it, love the body
Don't stay up late every night

2. Too Often in Front of the Monitor Screen

As we know, most of the time in running an online business, you will often face the monitor screen. Be it a laptop monitor, computer, or smartphone. It is also very bad for health, especially the eyes.

Continuous exposure to light from the monitor screen will affect the human body, especially our eyes. The more often you are in front of the monitor screen, the greater the potential for the eye's ability to decrease.

Then how to prevent or overcome it even though we always work using a monitor screen?

As a precaution, there should be a brief pause when you work in front of a monitor screen. Pause for a few minutes and take a break to rest your eyes.

To do this, take a break every 30 minutes or 1 hour by looking at the natural scenery around the house, such as trees, or by watching the moving water. This is a great way to rest your eyes.

3. Sitting too long in the wrong position

Sitting for long at the computer is a daily activity for most online business people. It can even be hours of not moving from your seat.

Now, because this routine is carried out every day and repeatedly, you must pay attention to the sitting position. If your sitting position is wrong, it will be very bad for your health, especially your back.

Sit as comfortable as possible proportionally, meaning straighten your back and adjust the eye distance from the monitor. We recommend that you need to get up and move from your seat every 1 hour, so that the muscles do not stiffen. For example, take a small walk around your desk for 2-5 minutes before sitting back down.

Sitting in the wrong position for a long time can result in back and back pain. In addition, wrong sitting habits will make your posture less than ideal.

4. Rarely Exposure to the Sun and Breathe Fresh Air

Usually working online will take up a lot of time indoors or at the office, leaving you rarely going out to get sunshine and fresh air.

This is very bad if done continuously. And it's even worse if you sleep in the morning when the morning air is still fresh.

Even though the morning air and morning sun are very good for our health. Let's start from now on, we change bad habits like that.

Work healthily and regularly so that your life will be healthier, your mind will be fresher so you can increase your potential to be more creative.

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5. Consuming Coffee and Cigarettes

Well, maybe this is a little difficult to avoid, consuming excessive coffee and cigarettes has become part of the activities of many online businesses.

Indeed, there are some online businesses who do not smoke, or only consume a little coffee / cigarettes. However, there are also many online businessmen who feel less comfortable if they work not accompanied by these two menus.

If maybe it feels a little heavy, I suggest trying to reduce it little by little. If usually a pack of cigarettes runs out a day, so try starting from now on just half a pack of them a day.

Coffee too, reduce it little by little and replace it with water. Do it consistently with patience, believe me, it will have positive results for your health. 


In fact, the causes of health problems for online businesses mentioned above are nothing new. And all professions can do this wrong habit.

Some people may be indifferent or take it lightly, and some people start thinking about adopting a healthy lifestyle after experiencing health complaints. 

But certainly, whatever our choices today will have an impact on our lives in the future. Successful business but bad health, of course you don't want to. And vice versa, healthy body but bad business, you also definitely don't want to. 

Therefore, it is better if we start self-reflection, what wrong habits are still often done. By knowing wrong habits, at least we can minimize potential health problems and continue to run the business optimally.

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