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15 Best Selling Service Business Ideas in 2021 and the Future, Let's Start a Business

15 Best Selling Service Business Ideas in 2021 and the Future, Let's Start a Business
15 Best Selling Service Business Ideas in 2021 and the Future, Let's Start a Business

15 Best Selling Service Business Ideas in 2021 and the Future -
Running a service business is the right choice if you want to start a business but are constrained by capital. You can run a business in the service sector by offering expertise or abilities in certain fields to others.

Actually there are a lot of service business ideas that can be done, especially when we are in an era online businessonline shop as it is now. However, you have to find what service business is the most appropriate to sell so that the chances of success are greater.

15 Best Selling Service Business Ideas in 2021 and the Future -

And of course you must have the expertise or ability in the service sector.

Promising Service Business Ideas

Based on my small research, there are at least 15 profitable and very popular service business ideas today and in the future. Come on, see the article to the end, who knows if one of them suits you.

The following are 5 businesses in the service sector that can be used as inspiration:

1. Article Writing Services

Do you have an interest or expertise in writing? If so, then you can use it as a business field, you know.

One example of a business from a hobby or writing skill is selling article writing services.

As we all know, nowadays it's online era. The average businessman is competing to create content for their website or blog.

Generally, these business people have difficulty or don't have time to create quality and interesting content. Now, this is a very soft field of business for freelance writers.

The capital you need is also not much, even without financial capital. Apart from writing skills, internet quota, laptop / cellphone, you only need to socialize a lot and learn how to market your services.

For starters, you can market article writing services at Indonesian freelance marketplace site or blogger forums, such as:

2. Online Marketing Services Business

When reading "online marketing services" most people must think that this is a very difficult business to do. Maybe yes, maybe no.

For those of you who don't know, there are many types of online marketing, you know. There are some online marketing that are easy to do and there are also online marketing that can only be done by professionals or internet marketing agencies.

Some examples of online marketing include:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Endorse service business
  • Review services
  • Influencer services
  • And others

Well, let's just focus on online marketing services that are easy to do. Examples of online marketing services that in my opinion are simple and can be done by anyone are review services and influencer services. 

This type of review service business is very suitable to be run by bloggers, especially bloggers who want to earn additional income besides Adsense. Meanwhile, influencer services are very suitable for those who often play social media.

One example of a review service business actor is Ayusini, please take a look at the website. The site offers Google reviews and advertising services for business owners who want their business site to get reviews and traffic.

You can sell review services or influencer services by offering services through the following marketplace sites:


Open the sites one by one, study, and choose one or two sites that best suit the online marketing service business that you can work on.

3. Translation Services

Actually, the translation service business is one type of business that is very mainstream. However, this translation service business is still quite promising, guys.

The role of a foreign language translator is still very important, although nowadays people commonly use the Google Translate application.

Armed with good skills in English or other foreign languages, you have the opportunity to open a translation service. 

In addition to the ability to translate foreign languages ​​well, running this one service business requires a laptop, internet quota, and smartphone to communicate with clients. 

Some of the services that are usually carried out by translation services include; translate documents, proofreaders, transcripts, meeting interpreters, video subtitles, and dubbing.

Meanwhile, several languages ​​that often require translation services include: English, Mandarin (Chinese), Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, Myanmar, Vietnamese, and Thai.

You can promote as a translator in various forums on social media, it can be a forum for freelancers or a special forum for translators.

In addition, you can also offer translation services on several marketplace sites, such as:


4. Graphic Design Services Business

Graphic design is the process of combining illustration, typography, photography and print for persuasive purposes (inviting) and providing information or commands. We also know graphic design as visual communication design.

Websites, social media, and mobile applications often use graphic content. Some examples of products that require graphic design, including; logos, brochures, catalogs, presentations, packaging, signage, t-shirt designs, and so on.

If you have the ability or expertise in the field of graphic design, then a service business in this field is perfect for you to run.

For starters, you can run this business by offering your services on marketplace sites such as:


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5. Website Design & Development Services

The use of websites is very common in today's online era. Everyone wants to have a website or blog for various purposes, for example as a means of information or a means of business promotion.

However, not everyone can create a website or don't have the time to create one. Well, for those of you who have coding skills and creating websites / blogs, this is a very promising business potential, you know.

There are many types of services that can be sold for the website creation category, including:

  • Website design services.
  • Website creation with the WordPress platform.
  • Create an online shop and system.
  • Making a company profile website.
  • Services to create a web landing page.
  • Website maintenance services.
  • Website page speed optimization services.
  • And so forth.

His business is not only a website creation service and maintenance. Those of you who want to get maximum results from this business can sell other products related to the website, such as; domain and hosting.

If you are just starting out, you can try offering this service through freelancer marketplace sites, such as:,,

6. Mobile Application Development Services

Making car applications is generally a means of information, transactions, and building consumer engagement with a business. No wonder the users of mobile applications are increasing every year.

This is a very good business potential for those of you who have expertise in creating mobile applications, be it Android or iOS.

For those of you who have expertise in making mobile applications, don't hesitate to offer your services on marketplace sites, such as:,, and

The price for making mobile applications varies, depending on the difficulty level of the application. However, as far as I observe, the price range is around Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 20 million.

7. Visual and Audio Services

Visual and audio services are quite common in Indonesians. This business usually starts as a hobby, namely photography, videography and audio.

Visual and audio services typically work on photo creation, video production, dubbing (dubbing, looping), subtitles, 3D and animation, sound effects, and motion graphics.

Actually, visual and audio services have many business fields, and can even be combined with other business fields, such as marketing. But you have to focus on one of the areas that you know the most.

Now to start a career in this business, you can start by offering it on marketplace sites, such as:,, and

8. Data Entry Services

As the name implies, data entry services are a profession that performs jobs ranging from electronic data processing, typing, word processing, and transcripts. The goal is to make the data more concise and easy to read and process.

In the process, service providers must have expertise in using certain software, for example; excel, acces, minitab, spss, sas, and others.

This type of service business is usually sought after by many companies. Even so, this one service business must have several skills, such as;
Computer literate.
Have good language skills.
Able to type quickly and accurately.
Having good communication skills.

Data entry services are usually sought after by companies on the internet. So, it is recommended that you have a website or blog. If you don't have your own website, you can use marketplace sites such as;, Sribulancer,

9. Typing Services

This is a type of service business that almost anyone can do. In other words, these services tend to be easy to perform and have very minimal capital. With a laptop or computer, you can open a typing service.

Typing services are much needed by teachers to make test questions, students who write papers or theses, and school children who do not have a laptop to type assignments.

So, you can market this service business at school, campus, or market it online.

If you don't want to rent a shop near the school because there is no capital, you can put up posters in the school area, promote via social media or put up promotional media in front of the house.

10. Consulting Services Business

Consulting services arise because of the need for someone to exchange ideas and get advice, suggestions, and input from someone who is an expert in a particular field.

This consultant service provider will later provide fresh opinions, input, and thoughts to clients in accordance with their field of knowledge. That way, clients will be able to make better decisions for their interests.

There are quite a number of areas of consulting services needed by the community, including; business, law, accounting and finance, marketing, branding, personal development, websites, and so on.

Well, if you have expertise in a certain field, then you can offer consulting services to others. As a first step, you can offer consulting services through freelancer marketplace sites, such as;

11. Online Invitation Making Services

This service is similar to a website creation service, but it focuses on creating online invitations. Even though it seems less attractive, service businesses making online invitations are no less promising than other services, you know.

Slightly different from ordinary invitations, the purpose of making online invitations is to be able to invite friends who are far away or invite several people at once with just one invitation.

Starting a business on this one needs some capital, because you have to have a reliable computer, CorelDraw software, and premium templates or ornaments to make the invitation look good.

But in the operational process, businesses making online invitations tend to be cheaper. Expenses for this business include subscription fees for premium ornaments, wifi and electricity.

Service business marketing makes these online invitations typically via social media, Google ads, and forums. In addition, you need to use WhatsApp business to make it appear more professional to people who contact.

12. Private tutoring services

The next service business idea is private tutoring services. In an increasingly modern era like now, competition in the world of education has also increased so that parents are competing to find tutoring places for their children.

This can be a great opportunity for you. Armed with the ability to understand school lessons, you can open private lessons for a fairly large fee. Usually, the private lessons that are often sought are in the fields of mathematics, science, or English.

Marketing itself is also very easy. You can join a group of job vacancies, public groups in your city, put up posters or share them with school children. Usually if you already get one student, some of your first student's friends will join you to register for lessons.

13. Interior Design Services

Millennials are known to really care about the appearance of the interior of their house or room. This makes the interior design business experience significant development.

Millennials have different tastes from their parents. That is why they need interior design services to get the atmosphere and character they want.

Even though there is formal education, to become an interior designer entrepreneur you don't have to have a formal educational background, you know.

In fact, there are many interior design service entrepreneurs who start their business with the desire and determination to learn, and are not afraid to start.

14. Trustworthiness Services

Jastip business or entrusted services is one of the contemporary businesses where business actors offer assistance to people who want to buy something while they are in a place.

For example, you are in another city or abroad and there is something small. You can offer to leave it to other people who like the item.

Generally, entrusted and purchased service providers take a profit of IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000 per item for domestic goods. Meanwhile, for goods from overseas, jeep suppliers usually take a profit of IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000 per item.

Well, if you are a person who often travels out of town or abroad, then you can try this jeep business. The benefits are not bad, you know.

15. Men's Haircut Services

Cutting hair requires special skills which are not owned by everyone. That is the reason why the haircut service business is a well-selling service business to date.

In addition to cutting hair expertise, this service business must also be able to provide the best service to its customers. Therefore, knowledge of hair cutting techniques and haircut trends is a must for these service business people.

If you pay attention, the barbershop business or men's haircut services is increasingly booming, especially in big cities. The business actors in this business are generally millennials who really understand the public's need for haircut services.

Some examples of popular men's haircut services businesses in Indonesia;

  • Ixobox Barbershop
  • Lanang Barbershop
  • Grand Macho Barbershop
  • Black Box Barbershop

Well, if you have expertise in cutting hair then you can consider doing business in this path.

You've finally arrived at the end of the article. There are lots of best-selling service business ideas that we can work on today.

But you need to remember, starting a service business is not easy and can be immediately successful. Since you are just starting out, you have to try harder than other people and wait patiently for your success.

Also pay attention to some important aspects of business, such as promotions, research on market needs, and don't forget to market your services to the maximum on social media.

Those are 15 service business ideas that can inspire you to open a business with skills or expertise. Keep trying and good luck!

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