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10 of the Fastest and Best Browser Applications for Surfing on PC and Android

10 of the Fastest and Best Browser Applications for Surfing on PC and Android
10 of the Fastest and Best Browser Applications for Surfing on PC and Android

10 of the Fastest and Best Browser Applications for Surfing on PC and Android -
Talking about browser applications, in general internet users prefer to use the fastest browser to install on their devices. The reason is simple, you want to get a comfortable browsing experience when surfing the internet, for example loading speed and browser security. Right?

Even though today there are many types of browser applications, both for PC and Smartphone, some people still don't have a clear picture of the best web browser they can have. And it is not uncommon for PC and Smartphone users to actually use browser applications that do not suit their needs.

Before installing a browser application on a PC or Smartphone, you should first make sure that the browser suits your needs and can support the activities you normally do because each browser has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Fastest and Best Browser for Browsing

Basically, a web browser is an application or software that can help users to explore, present content, and retrieve content from various sources of information on the internet network.

Currently there are dozens of browser applications that can be used for your PC / Laptop or Android smartphone, maybe you are confused about which one to choose. 

10 of the Fastest and Best Browser Applications for Surfing on PC and Android

Of the many choices of web browser applications, here are some of the fastest and best browsers that you should consider:

1. Google Chrome, the Fastest and Lightest Browser

If you frequently surf the internet for information and need loading speed, security while browsing, simple settings, and a minimalist look, then Google Chrome is the best browser you can use.

The main feature of this web browser is the WebKit rendering engine technology which supports the platform on various devices such as; Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. The Google Chrome feature allows users to save internet history, download history, manage bookmarks, incognito mode, manage profiles, and many more.

Most PC / laptop and Smartphone PC users use Google Chrome because it is considered the fastest browser. Apart from being fast, this browser also has a bandwidth saving feature that can save on your smartphone data plan usage.

However, this browser uses the computer's RAM in its operation so the computer RAM specifications must be high enough. In addition, Google Chrome browser user data is stored on Google servers for advertising and other purposes.

Download Google Chrome for: PC / Laptop or Smartphone

2. Mozilla Firefox, The Best Browser With Many Features

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers ever, let alone more complete features. The latest update from Mozilla Firefox, called Firefox Quantum, is even faster than the previous version.

Firefox has quite a lot of features and it looks a little more 'crowded' than Google Chrome. The browser features include; reading mode, PDF reader, add-ons, synchronization, web notifications, bookmarks and more.

Even though it's not as fast as Google Chrome, Firefox is the top choice for some internet users because of its cool features. For the mobile version, Firefox users can block ads automatically and get tracking protection in private browsers.

The weakness of Mozilla Firefox that I immediately felt was the slow loading process for the first time. In addition, this browser requires an add on to work optimally.

Download Mozilla Firefox for: PC / Laptop or Smartphone

3. Opera, a Fast and Minimalist Browser

Opera is one of the fastest and lightest browsers for all devices, be it PC / Laptop or Smartphone. The Opera browser has several features that are quite capable so that they are widely used for surfing the internet.

This browser has a simple display design with a sidebar on the left to make it easier for users to operate Opera. The Opera browser features are; language selection features, security features, speed dial features, restore session features, and others.

The weakness of Opera that I feel is that this browser cannot read certain web pages in full because it compresses the javascript file. In addition, this browser becomes a bit slow when we open multiple tabs.

Download Opera for: PC / Laptop or Smartphone

4. Vivaldi, The Latest Browser With Attractive Features

Vivaldi, the Latest Browser

Vivaldi is the latest browser application released in 2017. This browser was created by one of the Opera developers, which includes several unique features that are not found in other browsers.

Some of Vivaldi's features include; tab features (up, down, left, right), group tabs, take screen shots with memos, save reloading browser sessions, and more.

Download Vivaldi

5. Microsoft Edge, Best Browser for Microsoft 10

Microsoft Edge is the browser released by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. For PC / Laptop users with Windows OS, your device must have Windows 10 installed in order to use this browser.

This browser is also available for Android and iOS users. Some of the coolest features of this browser include; can block ads, new browser tabs, access to bookmarks, internet history, downloads and more.

Download Microsoft Edge for: PC / Laptop or Android

6. UC Browser, Fastest to Download

UC Browser is quite popular among Android and iOS users because it is one of the fastest mobile browsers with various features in it. Apart from mobile devices, this browser is also available for PC / Laptop devices.

Although not as popular as Chrome and Firefox, this browser is quite widely used for PC / Laptop devices. Some of the features found on UC Browser include; fast download, cloud sync, data compression, and more.

Download UC Browser for: PC / Laptop or Android

7. Maxthon, Fastest Browser Application

Maxthon Browser is one of the fastest browser applications for mobile devices with complete features. In fact, this browser has been named the best browser by for 3 consecutive years.

Some of the features of this browser include; ad blocking options, language options, night mode options, synchronization with other devices, instant access, flash video playback, cloud service integration, and more.

Download Maxthon for: PC / Laptop or Android

8. CM Browser, Simple Browser Application

When we talk about simple, fast and secure browser application, then CM browser is the best choice. Developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc, one of the best browser apps is popular for its CM Security app.

The file size of this browser application is only 2 MB so it is very light for mobile devices. Besides being lightweight, the process of loading website pages is very fast using this browser. CM Browser also has a notification or warning feature when a file that is about to download is indicated as a dangerous file.

Download CM Browser for Android

9. Dolphin, Lightweight Android Browser Application

Dolphin is one of the best and most popular browser applications on Android devices. This browser application has experienced several improvements, especially on the loading speed of website pages.

Some of the best features of the Dolphin browser include; ad block options, HTML5 video player, tab bar, flash player, incognito browsing, and more.

Download the Dolphin browser for Android

10. Flynx, Fast Browser Application for Android

Flynx Fast Browser App

The Flynx browser application is one of the fastest and best browsers for internet browsing activities on Android devices. The speed feature in loading any web is a superior feature of this broser application.

Some of the other features found on Flynx include; choice of language, ease of sharing, ease of reading, save offline, and more.

Download Flynx for Android


Of the ten fastest browser applications mentioned above, of course, they have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Choose the browser that best suits your needs so that surfing the internet becomes more productive.

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