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Tips for Managing Time During Work From Home

Tips for Managing Time During Work From Home

Tips for Managing Time During Work From Home
- How do tips set effectively during the WFH period? Perhaps this is a popular question for those who co-carry out WFH (Work From Home) or work from home.

For a blogger or freelancer, working from home is commonplace. However, for those who used to work in the office will have difficulty, for example it is difficult to stay focused on the task as usual.

Based on my current experience working from home, I can work from anywhere but at the risk of getting a lot of distractions while working.

Although it is not easy to stay focused on working, especially when pursuing deadlines, those who work from home must find a way to focus on completing their tasks properly and on time.

Tips for Managing Time During Work From Home

Timing in the WFH Period

If you're currently doing Work from Home, then you can follow these time-setting tips in order to use your work time productively:

1. Determining the Work Area

Honestly, often I work in bed or at the dinner table. Actually, I have my own workplace, like a small office equipped with a desk, a fairly comfortable chair, and a laptop.

This is where I often complete my tasks.

When we can work from anywhere, then the potential for interference from around will be more as well. It's based on my experience.

For example, when I work at the dinner table, often passer-by invite chats and interfere with concentration. Or when I work in bed, but then fall asleep because it feels too comfortable and ends up sleepy.

It's a minor distraction but it can have the potential to make it very difficult for us not to get the job done properly.

I always try to work from the workspace in order to work with concentration and reduce the potential for outside distractions. If you work from home, then you should find a comfortable room for work so that your time is more productive.

2. Create the To Do List

I used to spend all day just playing games. That day, I didn't do my job at all.

Those who work from home often fail in terms of time management because it is difficult to separate time for work and time for themselves.

One way to organize your time efficiently is to create a to do list, whether it's daily or weekly.

In addition, you can also do scheduling such as Pomodoro Technique to help focus on getting the job done for a certain period of time.

3. Avoid Playing Social Media

It can be very difficult to get a job done if we are constantly disturbed by the sound of email notifications or social media. It's a good idea to set a specific time to complete various tasks and avoid using gadgets while working on them.

For example, in a day I only read and reply to emails at any given time. In addition, social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, and others) only I do once in a while and limit the length of time.

Usually I open emails for half an hour in the morning, and half an hour during the day. So does when you open Facebook and Twitter. I really limit the time when 'messing around' on social media because this activity can spend a lot of time without us noticing.

When doing certain tasks, I usually 'get rid' of gadgets and only check them at certain moments.

4. Rest When You Need It

A person's initial purpose of working from home may be different from others. For myself, I choose to work from home in the hope of being able to be with my family more often.

Often I force myself to finish a job in order to play with the child immediately even though I already feel exhausted.
The condition of physical or mental fatigue makes us work not to the maximum. I realized that the more I forced myself to work when the body was exhausted the more likely it was that the job wasn't finished, or the result would be ugly.

If you feel you need a break, then you should do it. Your down time should be put to good use.

You can rest by sleeping, walking, brooding, etc. When your fatigue is reduced then the disturbance from within yourself will disappear, or at least decrease.

5. Schedule Other Tasks

This is the challenge of working from home, there will be an awful lot of additional tasks to do in addition to the main work.

What are the additional tasks?

This task can include many things and is unlimited, such as taking laundry in the laundry, buying elpiji gas, taking the child to play, bathing the child, replacing aqua gallons in dispensers, washing vehicles, and so on.

These additional tasks will make it difficult to work when not creating a schedule.

The regular schedule will make us strive to follow the specified time frames and make us more productive.

For example; I made a schedule of picking up my wife at 6pm. Then I have to complete my tasks no later than 1 hour before 6 pm. Of course this will make me more focused and encouraged to get the job done because it already has another task, namely picking up a wife. It's just an example.

6. Try Wearing Work Clothes

One that is often 'proud' of those who work from home is their workwear. Yup, they can work only in nightwear, or there's enough with a sarong.

However, this can actually be a 'stumbling block'. Why? Very relaxing at home clothes can affect a person's work mood and work patterns. Overly casual clothing can make a person work slower, less targeted, un professional, and the results are not maximal.

It's not happening to everyone, but it's what happened to myself as a blogger. Then what do I do?

I've tried to wear work clothes like an office person, wear trousers and a neat shirt, or wear shorts for the street and collared t-shirts. Definitely my clothes are neat.

The results were amazing, using neat clothes while working at home turned out to affect the way I worked to be more professional. These small changes I made may be useful if you try them yourself.

7. Work Maximum At Peak Productivity

Each person has their own peak productivity time. Some people have peak productivity times in the morning, but some people are more productive at night.

You should know the peak time of your productivity first. If you already know your productive hours to do more tasks, the more work you can complete in less time.

We know that it will be easier to work on something with maximum results when it is not exhausted. Therefore, you should know the lifestyle you have been doing all this time. That way you'll easily find the peak time of your productivity every day.

During these peak hours of productivity, it's a good idea to focus on tasks only. In the meantime, avoid replying to emails, opening Facebook, WA chats, or other activities in the peak hours of your productivity.

However, of course this point cannot be applied if the working time has been determined by your employer, co-worker, or client.


Above are tips on setting the time you can do. Working from home has its advantages and at the same time has challenges that should not be trivialized.

Creating a schedule and consistently working on that schedule well will make our time more productive during the WFH period.

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